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Ibn warraq s the islam in islamic terrorism is a brilliant series of reported echoes down the corridors of islam, where the same complaints about bid a, the same insistence on regulating every area of a believer s life, the same refusal to allow freedom of religion or thought, the same duties of violent jihad and commanding right and forbidding. Warum ich kein muslim bin german hardcover october 31, 2004 by ibn warraq author visit amazons ibn warraq page. It was first published by prometheus books in the united states in 1995. Warum ich kein muslim bin warraq, ibn, nasrin, taslima isbn. Warraq is currently the vicepresident of the world encounter institute. Ibn warraq is the pen name of an anonymous author critical of islam. Bukhari, muslim, ibn maja, abu dawud, altirmidhi, and alnisai. Taner edis science and nonbelief 6 comments read them below or add one lee a.

Buy a cheap copy of why i am not a muslim book by ibn warraq. Quoted from daniel pipes in goel, sita ram editor 1998. Why i am not a muslim by ibn warraq, paperback barnes. Those who practice the muslim faith have resisted examinations of their religion. Ophelia benson growing up in pakistan, ibn warraq learned to read the koran in arabic without understanding a word of it a common experience for thousands of muslim children. Read muslim apologetic responses to things like this. Islamfeindlichkeit, islamophobie, islamkritik ein wegweiser durch. It calls not for a wall of silence, much less a rushdielike fatwa on the authors life, but for an equally compelling response from a believing muslim. Ibn warraq is one of the most intelligent and important critics of islam living today. Why i am not a muslim is the most detailed dissection of the scourge that is the killer cult.

He is the founder of the institute for the secularisation of islamic society and used to be a senior research fellow at the center for inquiry, focusing on quranic criticism. He has been involved in the efforts of secular humanists in the west and elsewhere to bring secular values to the world. Warraq has written historiographies of the early centuries of the islamic timeline and has. Grappling with a book like why i am not a muslim may not only make islam more tolerantit could make it stronger. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of islam and the fate of the modern world that i have read. I28 1995 297dc20 956342 cip printed in the united states of america on acidfree paper. Warraq examines all aspects of islam from origins to present day in painstaking detail. English translation of musnad imam ahmed bin hanbal. Ibn warraq is the pen name of an author most famous for his criticism of islam. Then you realize truly that christianity is the same shit in a different toilet.

The title of the book is a homage to bertrand russells essay, why i am not a christian, in which russell criticizes the. Warraq, a former muslim who now lives in ohio, examines the major principles of the worlds second largest religion, presenting a less than flattering picture of the faith and its followers. Warraq is the vicepresident of the world encounter institute. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Ibn warraq is a pakistanienglish scholar who has written extensively on the history, literature, theology, culture and politics of islam, and on many other topics. This book is first and foremost an assertion of my right to criticize everything and anything in islam even to blaspheme, to make errors, to satirize, and mock. Why i am not a muslim book by ibn warraq thriftbooks.

Why i am not a muslim, a book written by ibn warraq, is a critique of islam and the quran. Abkehr vom glauben kann mit dem tode bestraft werden. Why i am not a muslim does have a mocking quality, to be sure, but it is a serious and thoughtprovoking book. The ultimate ibn warraq collection common sense atheism. Apostates speak out by ibn warraq, prometheus books, 2003, 471 pp. Ibn warraq warum ich kein muslim bin frauensteiner kreis. They are extremely guarded about their religion, and what they consider. Eine historischkritische bestandsaufnahme des islam. Sufismus oder sufitum auch sufik, arabisch, dmg ta. It was first published by prometheus books in the united states in. However, it seems to me neither important nor historically accurate to compare islam with fascism, despite the currency of this practice among certain contemporary intellectuals.

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